Portsmouth Guildhall
Portsmouth Guildhall

If you live in the city then you can have your say by electing councillors and asking them to take up issues on your behalf. You can also get involved in your local Neighbourhood Forum as a way of speaking to them about the issues that matter to you.
However, it’s not just residents who have a voice. They work in partnership with as many people, groups and organisations as possible to ensure that everyone involved with the city has an influence on and can make a contribution to your community.

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    • your elected representatives on the council and in the national and European parliaments under councillors and MPs.
    • how to make sure you can use your vote can be found under elections and voter registration.
    • their magazine for residents under Flagship.
    • financial help for voluntary organisations, consultation and neighbourhood forums under have your say.
    • council tax and non-domestic rates, the World War II names collection, and statutory requirements that they must meet are under information.
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